Thursday, January 6, 2022

Letter from Lanie


So, I guess the first question I have for you, before you start asking me questions (you do have questions, right? Because that's why I'm here, to let you ask questions, start some dialog between us, give you the inside scoop on things going on in Neighborlee ... maybe!)

Where was I?

Oh, right -- my question for YOU:

How often have you visited Neighborlee?

Who have you met so far? 

(Yeah, I know, that's 2 questions. I was the Yearbook and Journalism teacher and the track and basketball coach. Never claimed to be any good at math!)

The most recent adventure released into the wild is DAWN OF THE LIVING PROOF, when what we thought was a new enemy turned out to be an old nemesis, back to try again. If you think DAWN is referring to those old shuffle-fest horror movies ... hmm, just a touch. Mostly because we got plagued with sleepwalkers, and they were kind of creepy, doing the Frankenstein's monster shuffle through town, until the coming of dawn cut the enemy's control over them.

It's kind of tough being a guardian of Neighborlee, but it's rewarding, too. We get to live on the cutting edge of weird and wonderful, and even if you're kind of broken, like me (I'm in a wheelchair, if you haven't heard about me yet, thanks to breaking my back while rescuing one of my students from his own stupidity on Senior Prank Night), you can still make a big difference for good in our town.

Anyway, as I was saying, DAWN OF THE LIVING PROOF relates a few weeks of increasing creepiness, as a new enemy leaves enough clues to reveal he or she or them or whatever they are, has struck at our weird little town before. But we won. By the skin of our teeth. And we've got the awful feeling that the nasties haven't gone away, they've just withdrawn to rest up and catch their breath, lick their wounds, before they strike again.

Equinox is coming up, when Maurice, our resident exiled Fae, gets to spend the day visible and audible and full-size. He kind of went over the line when it came to sticking up for the little guys, and sticking it to the bullies, and he was exiled to the Human realm for two years, shrunk down to 5 inches tall, with shrunken magic, and wings stuck on his back Tinkerbell wouldn't be caught dead in. The really rough part for him is that he's pretty much invisible and silent to most people, unless they're touched with magic or, in the case of most of the guardians, like me, some semi-pseudo-superhero powers. The poor guy didn't have much in the way of company, people to talk to. And then he fell in love ... but other than when he visited her dreams, Holly couldn't see or hear or talk to him. But that problem is slowly getting fixed. They're both looking forward to an official date on equinox. Cross your fingers and say some prayers they're able to have a fun day out together, with no problems.

But equinox is a touchy time, and I've got the awful feeling that Maurice's day of freedom will just be re-setting the clock for another strike at our town. And even worse, I've got the feeling that now that the enemy has gotten Angela's scent, and even got a taste of her magic ... she's going to be the next target.

So ... I hope to hear from some of you. Ask questions. Let me know which of the published accounts of our adventures and battles against encroaching nastiness you've had a chance to read. I might have some recommendations of what to read next -- or at least I can fill in some blanks, until you've got the time to read.

Let's talk!!!

Lanie Zephyr

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!


Welcome to the first posting of our new blog!

We're Two Olde Dragons Writing Wyrd Stories

Otherwise known as Deborah Cullins Smith and Michelle Levigne

What kind of WYRD stories?

<Cue: Evil Laughter>

Hop on board, visit regularly, check out our website, and SEE!

Here on this blog, we'll be talking to you as various characters in our many stories. Letting them give you inside information on current and upcoming adventures, rant and share jokes, and let YOU the readers ask questions that might just be burning in your fuzzy little brains about stories you've read, or want to read.

We'll also be talking about upcoming books, giving you sneak peeks at cover art, maybe letting you know before anyone else about submissions opening up for our two regular anthologies: The Fairytale Anthology in the spring, and the Classic Movie Monsters Anthology in the fall.

Stay tuned! It's gonna be fun!

Letter from Lanie

  So, I guess the first question I have for you, before you start asking me questions (you do have questions, right? Because that's why ...